Venus Factor Program Details

venus factor reviewMany women have a problem while fighting with different undesired feminine properties of their bodies. They keep on trying different diet programs, but only to find out that the programs are not bringing any positive changes to their bodies. All is meant to maintain the right body size and shape. They conclude that the diet programs they put themselves on could probably not meant for them. If you are a woman and wants to lose weight and make your body look good, Venus Factor Program will work best for you. If your are interested in reading more personal experiences check out these personal Venus Factor reviews from other women. (Thanks Mary M for compiling this list)

What is Venus Factor Program?

This is a diet and fitness system that has been designed specifically for women body. The program does not aim at burning calories or losing weight in women, but meant to help women gain magical feminine shape.

The program is specifically meant for women and therefore cannot work on men.

Things included in Venus Factor Program

  • The Main manual: It helps you to know your ideal Venus Index ratio and help in deciding whether you require to gain or lose weight.
  • The VenusFacotor 12 Week Fat Loss System: After you have found your Venus Index, you can use the guide to know what to do regarding your body fat content. Unlike most diet programs, this one does not discourage one from eating, it only encourages you to find out the best eating formula.
  • The Venus Factor workout manual: It is a step by step 12 week workout that will help you shape your muscles through resistance training.

The workout schedule

The program is a 12 week exercise divided into three phases, of four weeks each. You are provided with a specific workout plan.

There is a complete access to pictures, videos and explanations that enable you keep the correct form of the workout.

There are three workouts prepared per week and you should be able to complete the workouts within the specified time in order to get good results. All the exercises outlines should be done even if some might seem to be a bit complex.

Advantages of Venus Factor Program

  • No expensive gym equipment required for exercises; everything is home workout.
  • You are not forced to restrict yourself from taking certain foods; you are free to eat your favorite meals.
  • The program can work for any woman as long as one is in good health to manage the home workouts.
  • The workouts are available in video or picture forms and therefore easy to follow and understand.
  • It gives one guarantee of body fitness as it gives one a full value of money spent.


“The best way to maintain the right feminine shape is by doing what you do not like doing and eating what you don’t like eating”, according to William Londen, Registered nurse at Global Healing Center.

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